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Big companies face a constant problem - their business processes have to be continuously updated as the company grows. With every person who joins the company they bring their unique ideas, experience and habits. This leads to a process diversity where each team member takes a different path to reach the objective.

On the other hand this diversity brings complexity to the business processes which leads to variable outcomes.

Here are some examples of common corporate problems we have solved successfully:

  • Lack of a common data and knowledge repositories

  • Hard to interpret analytics dashboards

  • Manual data processing

Corportate Software Solutions

Build or Buy

Big companies are often inclined towards buying off-the-shelf solutions, but the reality is that no solution covers 100% of the different departments' needs.

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Content and Knowledge Management

This is usually a big pain point for companies. Most often decide to use platforms like WordPress or Crownpeak, and those are a great choice for the general information corporate websites.

However, when it comes to specific information about products, results, reports, among others it is better to have a solution which can read from the existing database, rather than to have duplicated data on different platforms and trying to keep them in sync.

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