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Problems we Solve

MVP development for startups

Investors are difficult to find, and credits have to be paid. We understand startups are often under a lot of pressure to develop their products and to get them on the market ASAP and within budget. Our outsourcing services are an excellent solution to this problem.

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Corporate Software Solutions

As companies grow, their processes evolve and naturally it becomes harder to do certain tasks the same way. Here is a perfect place to implement a software solution to standardize the desired process. It is easier to update a program to do a new task than to train unpredictable human resources.

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Reporting & Analytics Solutions

Every organization needs data to make better decisions. But it’s not easy when you have multiple sources, a huge database, no visual interface to help interpret the data, etc. What if you had the power of data analytics in one place? Wouldn’t that make your job easier?

eCommerce Solutions

Many small retailers choose e-commerce platforms such a Shopify for their online business. However, these platforms charge monthly fees, service fees, sales commissions. Additionally they have multiple restrictions and limitations. It is often cheaper to build and run your own online store with no hidden costs.

Industrial Software Solutions

Manufacturing companies rely on data to achieve optimal productivity. However, many of them use manual processes to record incoming prime materials, stock, production, etc. By implementing monitoring and control systems on their production lines they improve their processes and they ensure operating at the most optimal levels.

SaaS Integration Solutions

You already have software in place which does what it has to do. You just need some integration between your current systems and a third party Software Service to get better results in a single place. Why should you have a contact list in one place and a customer database at another?

Our Services

Software Development

Your requirements and needs are unique. So why should you settle for an off-the-shelf solution when you can have one custom built to your specifications? Our team will carefully study and analyze your requirements, then we will build a custom software solution to help you stay on top of your game.

Staff Augmentation

Need some help to get your product out the door? No problem! Our team will gladly join your team to provide the extra effort you need to finish that awesome product so you can finally get it on the market and start selling. We integrate so well that your team will not even notice they are working with an outside vendor.

Software Integration

Power up your current software systems with third party integrations. Achieve more by finding the right Software as a Service providers and integrating with them so you can achieve even more. Our team will help you find and evaluate your options, then make the necessary integrations for you.

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