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Software Development

Your requirements and needs are unique. So why should you settle for an off-the-shelf solution when you can have one custom built to your specifications? Our team will carefully study and analyze your requirements, then we will build a custom software solution to help you stay on top of your game.

Staff Augmentation

Need some help to get your product out the door? No problem! Our team will gladly join your team to provide the extra effort you need to finish that awesome product so you can finally get it on the market and start selling. We integrate so well that your team will not even notice they are working with an outside vendor.

Software Integration

Power up your current software systems with third party integrations. Achieve more by finding the right Software as a Service providers and integrating with them so you can achieve even more. Our team will help you find and evaluate your options, then make the necessary integrations for you.

We build solutions

Software is in the core of our service. Wether we use existing software products to integrate with, or we build one from scratch, we will always deliver a solution to your problem.

Our solutions are network oriented - be that closed corporate network, or on the Internet. Why? Because users wantcollaborationandhigh availability.This kind of demand can only be met by a web based solution.

Whether you need a way to manage your content, or a better dashboard to analyze your data, or you are looking to launch an e-commerce on one of the existing platforms, we've got your back.

Even if you already have a team working hard on your product, you may need an extra hand to help you get it out the door quicker.

Whatever your need may be, Hristov Developmentcan help you reach your goal.

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Application Development Service

Our Process

Understand and Define

We begin each engagement by having conversations with you which allow us to understand the business needs and problems which are to be fulfilled by the software project. Once our understanding is affirmed we document the project's deliverables and acceptance criteria, providing a baseline specification and scope of work from which timeline and costs can be accurately estimated.

Prototype and Iterate

The first iteration of any software product is wireframes, and concept prototyping. This prevents us from sprinting in the wrong direction from the very beginning. After interactive wireframe approval, our development team dives in to produce parts of the application. Each piece goes through a rigorous QA analysis to ensure compliance with specification, as well as to eliminate any technical and business logic bugs that may remain.

Nurture and Scale

Delivery of a shippable product iteration is not the end of the deal. We take pride in baking in analytics, assisting with split testing, and making stress free scheduled technology updates, and more.


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